Students wrote their own fairy tales and then brought them to life through the BookCreator App. Students added their own drawings, pictures and even videos to help tell their stories. Click on the eBooks below to check them out!

Skyler and the Tree.png

Skyler and the Tree

Written By: Eleah

The Brave Mooses and the Big Mean Wolf.png

The Three Brave Mooses and the Big Mean Wolf

Written by: Ciara

The 3 Little Kittens.png

The 3 Little Kittens

Written By: Gigi

The 3 Little Socks.png

The Three Little Socks and the Big Bad Shoe

Written By: Armanye

The Three Pigs Gruff.png

The Three Pigs Gruff

Written By: Nathan

Introducing Hansel and Gretel.png

Introducing Hensel and Gretel

Written By: Cesar

The 3 Little Bulls.png

The 3 Little Bulls and the Big Bad Chicken

Written By: Raymond



Written By: Alec

Three Lego Men Watchers and the Bear.png

The Three Lego Men Watchers and the Bear

Written By: Michael